Seminários de Eng. Soft.: Test oracles associated with dynamical systems models

  • Palestrante: Paulo Nardi
  • Local:ICMC-USP, Sala 5-001
  • Data: 27/4/2011
  • Horário: 14:00 às 15:00

Resumo: Software testing has two major limitations: the reliable test set problem and the oracle problem. The former stems from the statement that a set of reliable test case is one that implies the correctness of the program and, consequently, a finite and reliable test set is usually unfeasible. Most efforts are focused on the first problem, as the studies about functional, structural and fault-based techniques focus on data selection, and on tools that support data selection criteria. The second problem is to decide whether the obtained result matches the expected result. This role is played by the oracle, which is often the tester himself/herself. These two limitations affect the test automation, making the human intervention needed at some point, namely over choice of the data selection criteria, the comparison between expected and obtained outputs, and the test adequacy calculation. This presentation focuses on the oracle problem. We present a resume on a systematic review about test oracles and a partial solution to oracle automation for simulink-like models.